What We Ate This Week: Weeks 9 and 10

As I've been working on this series of WWATW posts I've been trying to write a bit each day or every other day in a draft so that publishing is easy at the end of the week. Well, I didn't have a chance to do that two weeks ago, and then I didn't have a chance to do it last week either, so this is weeks 9 and 10 as best as I can remember them. I don't photograph repeat meals, which left holes in my visual record, and it turns out I can't remember meals 2+ weeks back without a little help. Oops. I thought about just not blogging these two weeks, but there are some yummy things in here that I wanted to record and link. I think week 11 will be the final week in this series for now, but I might pick it back up in the summer as our regular rotation of meals changes with the seasons and our garden harvest!

Sunday - Dum Aloo (Potatoes in Spicy Yogurt Gravy) and Bandh Gobhi Ki Sabzi (Butter Smothered Cabbage)
Two yummy vegetarian dishes from Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking, conveniently typed up by other bloggers here and here.

Monday - Spaghetti Frittata 
Spaghetti frittata recipe. I make veggie frittata fairly often but saw mention of this as a good way to use up leftover pasta and wanted to try it. The kids liked it a lot, the husband didn't care for it, and I thought it was fine but nothing extraordinary; if I'm going to do something with bacon, eggs, cheese, and pasta, I guess I prefer carbonara. I steamed some green beans or made a side salad to accompany this, I can't remember which.

Tuesday ???
No picture, so it must have been a repeat. Maybe tacos or easy stroganoff?

Sesame chicken. I just lightly tossed the chicken in a mix of flour and corn starch and fried in a cast iron skillet in a single layer with minimal oil rather than deep frying, then added the chicken to the veggies (broccoli, carrots, peppers, onions) once they were done cooking in the wok.  We ate this over jasmine rice.

Thursday - Ground Beef Noodle Stir-Fry
Thick and chewy udon noodles are so delicious in this stir-fry, but spaghetti would work fine. My veggie mix included onions, bell peppers, mini corn, broccoli, and sliced water chestnuts.

Friday - Store bought tortellini
To get to our Good Friday church service on time with minimal mess, I heated up some jarred pasta sauce, cooked some cheese tortellini, and made a salad.

Saturday - Rice and Beans
Repeat from week 6.

Sunday - Easter dinner
We enjoyed ham and sweet potatoes at my parents' home with other family members. I brought green beans (steamed, then tossed with carmelized onions and almonds) and two desserts - Mississippi Mud Pie (also known as Oreo Mud Pie or Oreo Mudslide or any number of other variations) and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, on which I attempted some fun ombre piping.

Monday - Swedish Meatballs
Swedish meatballs, egg noodles, and salad. This meal is one of my preschooler's favorites!

Tuesday - Chef Salad

Tuesday was "chef salad" at the request of one of our kids. This meant a DIY salad bar: romaine and spinach, cheddar and Parmesan cheeses, hard-boiled egg, shredded rotisserie chicken, shredded carrot, diced bell peppers, diced apples, dried cranberries, broccoli florets, shredded cabbage, and homemade honey-mustard dressing.

Wednesday - Bibimbap 
Bee-bim Bop by Linda Sue Park is a delightful, rhyming children's book about a Korean family preparing their favorite rice dish. It includes the author's family recipe for bibimbap in the back, which I made for the first time on Wednesday. It was delicious and very close in taste to the bibimbap we've eaten at a local Korean restaurant. Shown here is the beef, spinach, shredded egg pancake, bean sprouts, and carrot atop rice, with some gochujang on the side, before and after being mixed together.

Thursday ???
A repeat of something, because I don't have a picture.

Friday -  Pizza 
I described how we prepare our homemade pizzas here.

Saturday - Ground Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry
Repeat from week 6.


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