What We Ate This Week: Week 6

Week 6! I didn't have a clear end in mind when I began this series of posts documenting what I make for dinner each week. I wanted to do it long enough to record all of the meals in our regular rotation, and I haven't yet done that. There have already been some repeats though, and there will be more as time goes on. As always, you can view previous weeks through the WWATW tag.


This was a leftover night for us, which is unusual for a Sunday, but coming off a few weeks of sickness and a full day of church and other things, it was the most restful option for this particular Sabbath.

Monday - Rice & Beans

I updated my old post on Black Beans & Mexican Fried Rice to better reflect the way I prepare this meal now.

Tuesday - Ground Beef & Cabbage Stir Fry

I serve this speedy stir fry over jasmine rice, but you wouldn't have to. Alone, it's like an egg roll in a bowl, minus the deep fried wrapper. I like it best when the cabbage still has a little crunch.

Wednesday - Pulled Pork

Once rubbed with Penzey's Pork Chop seasoning and seared well on all sides, the pork shoulder cooks all day on low in the crock pot. I check it a few hours before we're ready to eat it and if it doesn't seem to be cooking fast enough, or I get it started late, I turn it up to high for the remainder of the time. When it's falling apart I shred it and freeze half the meat for future use, and return the other half to the crock pot with our BBQ sauce of choice, allowing it to heat on low while I prepare the other sides--steamed green beans, coleslaw, and corn sauteed with garlic, bell peppers, and Cajun seasoning to taste. The coleslaw dressing is easy; mix 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1 T. white vinegar, 2 T. sugar, 1/2 tsp. celery seed, 1/2. tsp. salt, and 1/2 tsp. black pepper together until the sugar is dissolved. The recipe makes enough dressing for a 16 oz. bag of prepackaged coleslaw, or just thinly slice about half a head of cabbage and grate a carrot or two into it.

Thursday - Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Pan Gravy

My kids have been trying to remember and pronounce "Salisbury" for the past few days to ask for the leftovers at lunchtime. It was a nice way to use up a few mushrooms we had kicking around the fridge. I followed this recipe. I served it over brown basmati rice, but it would have been excellent with mashed potatoes as well.

If your 2 year old pushes his plate over with his adorable, chubby hand as you're taking pictures for your blog so that you can take a picture of his "pate" too, you take a picture of that plate.

Friday - White Chicken Chili

I've made white chicken chilis before, but I tried a new recipe in the Instant Pot on Friday. I added a lot more broth and a lot less cream cheese for a soupier chili, and an extra can of beans.


I made the skillet vegetables and penne from weeks 1 & 3 again.


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