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What We Ate This Week: Week 5 (Cabbage Appreciation Week)

Around St. Patrick's Day my grocery store sets out the most lovely, large cabbages. Cabbage is always available and never terribly expensive, but somehow they manage to have exceptionally nice ones exceptionally cheap just in time for the holiday. That means I purchased an extra, even though stocking my fridge after a grocery trip is already like advanced Tetris and inserting a large cabbage doesn't exactly clear any rows if you know what I mean. If you don't like cabbage, this week's menu is mostly going to be a hard pass. But...there are also cookies. We'll talk about those first.

Sunday morning found most of us still too sick to go to church. It had been a long week of flu symptoms already and I was in the mood to do some stress baking. I made up a batch of sugar cookies, cut them into happy spring shapes, and started browsing for creative ways to decorate them. I've really wanted to try my hand at mirror glazing a cake, so marbled icing for my cookies was i…

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