It's SUMMER. How Our Garden Grows (early July 2015 ed.)

As the title implies, I took these a week or two ago, which means they are already out of date.  Things change so quickly in the garden these days!  So far we've enjoyed sugar snap and snow peas, green and purple beans, a Poblano pepper, cherry tomatoes of a few different colors, some basil, lettuces, swiss chard, mint, oregano, and garlic.  The apple crop is looking really promising so far, though we do expect the trees will drop more before harvest time.

The kids have been delighting in summer.  I'm trying to make daily walks a habit during these months of pleasant weather, but there's also been lots of tree swinging, a backyard camp out, a little splashing in the kiddie pool, a family reunion in the woods of PA, romping on the playground, a friend's birthday party at the beach, chalking, bike and scooter riding, sandbox play, and many hours of LEGOS.

We have so much more on our summer "bucket list" that we hope to get to. Cliche as it may be, having such a list really did help me last summer.  Three kids and very full lives means that fun is either planned or doesn't happen, and I am a master at frittering away time on stupid stuff, failing to do even things that would bring me/us joy because I've failed to plan for them.  This morning I also wrote up my own to-do list which, if completed, should set me up well for next school year and help me tackle a few projects that sorely need to be done.    


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