How Our Garden Grows, Mid June 2014 ed.

We've been doing lots of this.  Bare baby feet kicking as I wrap up (pun intended) the school year with the older kids.  My brain is already sliding into summer vacation mode and the freedom of unscheduled days.  I'm trying to push through the last few weeks with patience and joy. We're so close!

The garden is underway, no thanks to me (as usual). :)

I'm looking forward to doing more recreational cooking over the summer. Concentrating mostly on school, I've been going to old standbys for our dinners.  We did enjoy last night's salad dressing experiment I made of white balsamic vinegar, lemon olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil. So light and fresh! Bottled salad dressings are one of the few convenience items we still buy, and my husband has been encouraging me to make my own more often.  Can anyone recommend some favorite dressing recipes or fun oil/vinegar flavor combos to try? 


Frosted Grace said…
My favorite light dressing is simply squeezing fresh lemon over the greens, a bit of olive oil and salt and's the best over a cobb salad! I also have a raw cashew recipe that makes the most delicious ranch (sort of) dressing you've ever tasted!

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