Cloth Diapers: Movin' On Up

I've continued to be happy with our decision to switch to cloth diapers (you can read about all that here, if you missed it), and it's time to get the next and final size ready.  I've actually been saying this for months, but just haven't gotten around to it!  The good news is: I got 7+ months of use out the first size, which means my first stash paid for itself (we would have spent the same or more on disposables).

These larger diapers should last, size-wise, through potty training. Thinking ahead a few months, I was able to get some really good discounts during Black Friday and holiday sales last year. I bought Imagine Bamboo Blend Smartfit prefolds this time, because reviews raved about their absorbancy and silky feel. The Imagine ones are no longer listed at Nicki's, but I believe their store brand is equivalent.  They are much softer than the cotton ones we've been using, and more drapey. I don't know how else to describe it, they just feel really nice to the touch and aren't as bulky folded, maybe because they don't quilt up as much. Reviews said they are great for heavy wetters and so I felt like they'd be a good investment as we moved into the older stage of diapering.  I've been completely pleased with the cotton ones we've had, so if these last as well and outperform those, I will be thrilled.

Here's some size comparisons.  On the bottom is an unwashed large bamboo prefold.  In the middle is one I've started to prep--it's been washed and dried once or twice.  On top is one of the small cotton ones we've been using.

I also purchased the next size up in the Thirsties Duo Wraps.  No complaints from me on these.

Size 1 is on the left, size 2 on the right.  Below, this is what they look like with their corresponding prefolds--small on the left, large on the right.

I bought a few more Thirsties Hemp Inserts in the next size up, and a few Stay Dry Duo Inserts to try as well.  The SDD inserts are really nice and thin ("trim" in cloth speak), which I can see coming in handy.  Our BumGenius 4.0s are still going strong.  A BG 4.0 stuffed with a Thirsties hemp insert under a one-size microfiber insert has been absolutely leakproof overnight so far.  During a store closing sale, I was able to pick up 3 new BG Freetimes for about $12 each, and they've been nice for the diaper bag.

Last thing of note on the cloth diapering front--I now use Tide Free & Gentle for all the diaper laundry.  Tide is really, really good at getting dipes clean and odor free, is recommended by the Imagine brand (as well as a few other diaper manufacturers), and is easy for me to get my hands on.  I wash every other or every two days and as you can from the picture, our prefolds still look new.  I updated my original cloth diapering post to reflect my latest thoughts on detergent and washing (under the "Wash" subheading, toward the bottom), including the simple advice that would have put my mind at ease from the beginning.


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