Glimpses of Christmas

As part of our Advent celebration, we memorized Luke 2:1-20 as a family.

We loved, loved using this Advent devotional this year.  It was perfect for our kids, ages 7 and 3.
Handmade gifts.
Homemade fudge.
After a big melt, we got another snow and had a white Christmas after all.

I've got some new things to read!

How sweet is this paper nativity?  You can download/print it from here.

We had a wonderful day rejoicing in Christ's birth and being together.  My parents gave us the generous gift of a new prime lens for our camera, and I'm excited to use it for food photography and blogging.  My husband noticed me wandering around taking pictures of the tree, etc. the other day and commented "gratuitous picture taking--mommy must be on vacation!"  Indeed.  I'm thankful for the time of rest and celebration.  It has been a busy, full, good year. 

A Christmas recap is turning into an annual thing on this blog. If you're interested, you can read more about our Christmas traditions, cookies, and Advent celebrations...or about the Christmas morning my son painted his room with Desitin


Unknown said…
Hi.. I'm wondering what advent devotional you used with your kids. I have a 3 year old and am new to the advent part of christmas and would like to try it out next christmas.
Sara B. said…
Hi Joann! This year we used Why Christmas ( Each day had scripture readings, memory verses, a carol suggestion to sing, and questions. We liked it a lot and it would be very age appropriate for 3-8 year olds. We've also used Advent Foretold (, which traces OT prophecies that point to Christ and provides a coloring page. It's more suitable for older children.

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