The End of Summer (& How Our Garden Grows)

Love this farmer's market bouquet--it sings of autumn

Cold weather is coming...SmartWool socks for everybody!

My daughter and husband just finished this Alpine Castle puzzle.
My latest thrift store mega-jackpot - a Pottery Barn Silk Channel Two-Toned Quilt in new condition.

 P.S. - I read up on bed bugs before we did some traveling a while back, and those things ain't no joke.  If you frequent second hand stores, take a moment to read up on how to properly check, transport & clean the things you buy used to make sure you don't bring home any guests of the many-legged variety.  Though I've never had a single issue, I am super paranoid about this stuff and everything goes straight from the plastic bags to my washer, or in this case, my dryer for an extended high-heat cycle with an at-home dry cleaning kit.  I avoid upholstered items entirely and would also suggest taking special care to check over used purses and bags--you are much more likely to encounter yucky bugs in something that can't be cleaned.   It's completely gross to think about, but knowledge is power.  Educate yourself, then go score a $269 quilt for $7.99.  :)

HEMPZ treats...umm, this stuff smells so good I am actually looking forward to when the combination of cold weather + dishwashing + washing kids' hands means I have to reapply hand lotion every 5 minutes.
Ready or not, here we school.

My daughter is studying Apologia's Zoology I this year--Flying Creatures.

Teaching my 3 year old son how to choose good colors and stay in the lines.


Anonymous said…
I love reading about your thrift store finds!

We are also doing Apologia! We did the flying creatures last year, botany the year before, and swimming creatures this year. Great series.

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