How Our Garden Grows (Early August 2013 ed.)

Echinacea - past its peak but still attracting lots of pollinators
Hubby took all the apples but this one off the tree this year to encourage growth in the tree itself.  But it's been fun to watch this one develop.

I see you there, zucchini boat.
The squash trellis
Buttercup squash.  There are a few butternut growing to the right.
What does a nosey pepper do?  It gets jalapeƱo business.

It's a beautiful, cool, peaceful morning.  Fall is in the air, and I'm almost ready for it.  I've had a productive past week.  Switched to full time cloth diapering of one kiddo, full time potty training of another.  Homeschool paperwork is done and all my curriculum has arrived.  Next up is making copies and lesson planning.  I should really do some meal planning too.  I've been feeling a little brain dead by dinner time and have been unmotivated and late with our meals...anyone else find that dinner time becomes a lot later in the summer?  It's kind of nice to be at a more relaxed pace, but it pushes back bedtimes and that ain't gonna fly when school starts. 


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