The God I Serve

I do not serve a yes-man God
who nods in pleasing affirmation
who looks on in silent reverie
from a polished throne in Heaven.

I do not serve a God of comfort
of riches, mirth, or ease
I serve a sovereign Lord who does
just exactly what He pleases.

I do not serve a playful Christ
who nudges with His elbow
or laughs and winks His eye at those He bought
in height of pain and sorrow.

I do not serve a careless prince
who toys with hearts and kingdoms
I serve a Groom who pursues his Bride
through ages of her whoredom.

I serve a God who's jealous for
the fame of His own name
the rocks cry out in acclamation
what the skies likewise proclaim.

I serve a God who raises kings
and lays the cities low
who works all things for the good
of those He calls His own.

He's called a people for himself
from every tribe and tongue
let hearts be glad, let sinners rejoice
the victory is won!

I serve a Christ who died for men
before their hearts were turned
to see His all-surpassing worth
He saved them as they spurned.

This Jesus that I worship?
Is the Lamb upon God's altar.
Perfect sacrifice for sin
for faith that does not falter.

I serve a God who reveals Himself
in the pages of a Book,
that we might know and need not guess
when we stop to look.

His Word is truth and it brings life
and I think it goes to show,
He makes only promises He keeps
and wraps them all with 'bows.

Looking down my driveway one evening last week.  "I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth." - Genesis 9:13 ESV


Jaime said…
A beautiful poem for worthy King.

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