God's Faithfulness: My Daughter Can Read (and Speak)

At 2 1/2, my daughter was still mostly nonverbal.  She communicated well with sign language and gestures, but few words.  We got her into an early intervention speech therapy program just a few months before her 3rd birthday.  I heard her say "mommy" for the first time when she was almost 3 1/2.  She's now nearly 5 and God has done a great work in her life.  We have prayed many, many times for Him to help her learn to speak, to make certain sounds (she couldn't produce a "g" or a "k" until this past Spring), and recently, to read.  Speech therapists have seen her 2-3 times every week since she began therapy. 

As part of homeschooling, I began instructing her from Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons in February of this year.  We're now nearing the end of the book, just a few lessons from the end actually, and we're rejoicing over her progress.  My little girl who couldn't talk is now reading at a 1st-2nd grade level.  Praise the Lord!


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