A Week at the Shore

Hi friends!  I'm back from a vacation at the NJ shore and hope to resume the regularly scheduled program here soon.  Our family had a sweet, relaxing, and refreshing week together.  The waves were perfect, the sand was soft, my kids stayed up entirely too late every night, we all got a nice golden glow from Mr. Sun, I got to see a Red Panda (my favorite animal ever and what I would be if I were an animal or at least the animal I respond with when someone asks me what animal I would be if I were an animal as an awkward ice breaker question) and a peacock in a tree at the Cape May Zoo, my son ate at least 3 fistfuls of sand and seemed to enjoy it, I got caught out in the most hilariously and enthusiastically wet thunderstorm of my life during a shopping trip with my awesome sisters-in-law and mother-in-law, and I ate a lot of pistachio gelato.   So all in all pretty much a magnificent week.



Emily said…
Hey! We went to Ocean City last summer with my family and loved it! Isn't the Cape May zoo awesome, especially since it is free?! Glad you had a nice trip. :)

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