Hot Vegetables (How Our Garden Grows, July Edition)

Those two title words pretty much wrap up my week.  It's hot.  And we have vegetables.  Some insolent deer have begun to think of our raised beds as their own all-you-can-eat salad bar and we've lost some lettuces and Anaheim peppers (my farmer man's favorite; he is displeased), but we did eat our first harvest of green beans last night.  There's also a bag full of bok choy and tatsoi in the fridge which my Thai cooking on Wednesday night only put the tiniest dent in, and several more servings of snow and sugar snap peas.  Here's my husband's labor of love getting its only shade and water of the day...

I made this bread for the second time this past more store-bought sandwich bread for us!  Don't the loaves look so homey and rustic?  They were worth heating the house up for.  That one is missing its end because I ate it hot from the oven with Nutella.  You know you'd have done the same thing. 

My kiddos have spent a lot of time splashing around in their little pool and water table the past few days which has given me some time to sit in the sun with my shades on and my shoes off, and try to get through some of my summer reading.  Since I jumped into homeschooling preschool without much research, I'm now doing some reading about Homeschooling Methods to refine my thinking and my vision for this journey.   Kindergarten is coming and at some point during August I need to sit down with all our materials and plan out our next year. Gulp.  But, between then and now we have a few days of VBS at our church, a much-awaited vacation at the ocean, and an even more-awaited visit with my in-laws.

Hopefully some more posts, too.  Hubby went to a library bag sale last weekend and came home with a stack of cookbooks for me.  Is "used books" a love language?  I think it is. :)  If nothing else, I'm anticipating much inspiration within their pages.

Hope you're finding ways to stay cool.  We're off to explore a new library and swim in a pool that's more than 6 inches deep for the day.


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