Design Brainstorming with Polyvore

If you read a lot of blogs, chances are you've seen a set of images created on Polyvore.  Polyvore is an intuitive website for constructing inspiration boards.  The site is able to search and pull images from numerous websites, allowing you to put together a professional looking collage of just about anything in minutes!  There is even a button you can add to your toolbar that will allow you to clip images while you're surfing the web into Polyvore for later use.

The most common use for Polyvore?  Creating fashionable looks for others to view and shop from--all boards designed on Polyvore link to the sites where the products are sold!  (Check it out on the image below.)  My favorite use for Polyvore?  Brainstorming room re-designs. 

Our first floor bathroom needs help.  Courtesy of our home's previous owners, it proudly features a sage green sink on an ugly laminate cabinet, a tiny chandelier-ish pendant light, and floral, Victorian wallpaper.  Pretty awesome, huh?  It's ok, I'd be jealous of me too.  Here's my idea for a "shabby chic" re-design:

Green & cream bathroom

Replacing the whole vanity and sink is a bigger job than we want to tackle right now, because the ceramic tiling on the floor of the bathroom extends to the kitchen, dining room, and living room (more on that coming soon), and tearing out those things could mean trouble with cracked tiles, etc.  And frankly, I like the tile and it's in great shape so I'm not looking for a chance to botch it up.  The wallpaper?  That's gotta go, and it is going to as soon as possible.  I'm planning to paint the walls a sage green, a shade that will make the best of the sink.  Some research has led me to believe I can even paint the laminate vanity cabinet with the help of a primer called Glidden Gripper, maybe a cream color, and replace its ugly hardware with some pretty knobs from Anthropologie or ATG Stores.  An inexpensive tie-up shade from Target and a piece of wall art will finish off the look I'm going for. 

Edit:  I just discovered another site even better suited to room design: OlioBoard!  If home decorating is your thing, definitely check this one out!


Shauna K said…
I've painted laminate before... we just sanded it as much as we could, the only problem I've encountered is that the paint dings easier than traditional wood does (we didn't use Glidden Gripper, hopefully that will help with that problem!) ours was also a dresser top, so that would naturally see more wear and tear than a vanity would, so I say go for it! ;)

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