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Cloth Diapers: Movin' On Up

I've continued to be happy with our decision to switch to cloth diapers (you can read about all that here, if you missed it), and it's time to get the next and final size ready.  I've actually been saying this for months, but just haven't gotten around to it!  The good news is: I got 7+ months of use out the first size, which means my first stash paid for itself (we would have spent the same or more on disposables).

These larger diapers should last, size-wise, through potty training. Thinking ahead a few months, I was able to get some really good discounts during Black Friday and holiday sales last year. I bought Imagine Bamboo Blend Smartfit prefolds this time, because reviews raved about their absorbancy and silky feel. The Imagine ones are no longer listed at Nicki's, but I believe their store brand is equivalent.  They are much softer than the cotton ones we've been using, and more drapey. I don't know how else to describe it, they just feel re…

Midwinter Miscellany: Closets, Crafts, Cheesecake, Clickables

This is the winter that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends.  (Have I used that line before? It's a typical February feeling.) My children were actually pretty delighted by the latest snowfall though, and today it warmed up to 40 degrees which meant they got to play outside for several hours in it.  They came in with soaking outerwear, red cheeks, and happy faces.

I'm in a spring frame of mind, or at least a spring cleaning frame of mind.  The last few days I've been sorting out clothes to get rid of, refolding, and reorganizing the closet. 

I do not wear lounge clothes or pajamas around the house unless I am ill or pregnant (even then, real clothes give me an attitude boost).  Putting myself together, even if it's just a tee and jeans, helps kickstart a productive day, so my goal is an edited, practical wardrobe that reflects my eclectic style and personality and makes iteasyto get dressed in the morning.

A little bit lost as far as how to pare down, I s…

Two-Tone Awesome Oreo Cheesecake

Allow me to share a real life moment, in case I've miraculously managed to give you the impression I'm some kind of Suzy Homemaker Supermom who has it all together.  I made this cheesecake twice this past weekend because the first time I forgot to put in any sugar.  So, I made a cheesebrick once, and then a cheesecake.  I made the former on Saturday after a full morning of errand running, because I've been making a greater effort to truly keep Sunday as a Sabbath day--a day set aside to worship Jesus with His people, rest, and spend time with my family--rather than scrambling around getting ready for Monday.  Is anyone else really terrible at resting?  I'm good at wasting time, bad at resting.  There's a difference.  Anyway, driving home from church on Sunday I was going through my mental list and cheerfully reflecting on how much I had gotten done and looking forward to a relaxing afternoon when suddenly...I had one of those cartoonish dawning realizations that m…