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So It's 2013 Now

I have several months of mostly unrelated thoughts and activities to deluge, and it's only getting harder to find a starting point as I delay.

Bloggy silence is sometimes inversely proportional to real-life "noise," and life has indeed felt noisy.  For good reasons, mostly.  My body has been tasked with the delight of bringing another tiny person into the world and the arrival date is just few little months away.  I have felt very well throughout this pregnancy, a mercy from the Lord, but I'd be lying if I said daily school and housekeeping hasn't been a little more draining than usual.  Prompted by, of all things, the imminent visit of a tech to deduce the reasons behind our flaky internet, in the last week I've given almost all the upstairs closets a major overhaul, conquered the laundry pile, and taken care of a million little loose ends that have been collecting for some time. Nesting behavior is odd and unpredictable, but I like to think that if you thou…