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December and January Recap

It's been a long minute.  We left off with a room remodel...we're still working on finishing touches as the window hangings are being difficult.  Of course they are. :)

Here's what's been happening:

My oldest turned 8 and requested a S'mores Cake for her birthday.  Graham Cracker cake with milk chocolate ganache in the middle and on top of the layers, covered with fluffy marshmallow frosting and decorated with Hershey bars, largely based on this recipe with some tweaks. 

Christmas was a lovely break from school and work.  We went through Why Christmas? again for Advent, solidifying Luke 2 in our memories. My husband read A Christmas Carol  and The Secret Garden (apart from the new agey magic stuff, the latter is a wonderful story) aloud to the family.  I had a chance to do a little sewing and finished up a floating gathered shoulder sling made of Colimacon et Cie wrap fabric.  This fabric also has excellent wrapping properties and I highly recommend it for any bab…