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The Big Babywearing Post - Updated!

This post has been edited several times as I've learned more about different carriers and as my own experience level has grown.  Most recent edit 4/2/15.  :)

Babywearing is something that has been a wonderful blessing to me over the course of 6 years and 3 children.  If you've never heard the term babywearing before, or if it perhaps conjures up a very strange picture in your mind, let me define it for you--babywearing is simply carrying a baby using a sling or another form of carrier.  It's a way to keep your baby with you.  Babywearing is a centuries-old practice of many different cultures around the world, but it is gaining popularity in the industrialized world because of the attachment parenting movement.  If you're interested in reading about the benefits of babywearing, I'd recommend, Le Leche League, and Dr. Sears.
When I began babywearing 6-7 years ago, I did it without knowing much about it.  I used a couple cheap, bulky slings I foun…