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The Diaper Cream Christmas

There are a lot of smells I'd enjoy waking up to on Christmas morning.  Cinnamon rolls baking, bacon frying, a spicy candle burning.  I'd have taken any of those gladly.  The smell that we actually did wake up to yesterday was the alarming, permeating smell of extra strength Desitin (diaper cream).  With a sinking feeling my husband and I entered my 2 year old son's room to find it (and him) freshly painted in thick, goopy white.  Not what I had in mind for a white Christmas. The wool area rug got the worst of it.  What was I thinking putting a wool rug in a kid's room?  I don't know.  Form over function?  Or maybe I just didn't know we'd be raising a little diaper cream dabbling Jackson Pollock.  My husband and I (mostly my husband) spent the next 4 hours of Christmas morning first trying to remove all the cream from the carpet (straight dish detergent, the internet told me, to break down the oils and remove the stains), and THEN to remove all the dish de…