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This Week

Experimental Mess image via Dreamstime

Something questionable
has been wiped on my sleeve
and there's a Cheerio mashed up
on the sole of my sock
though I mopped the floor
this morning.
My sweet baby spit
my own milk
back up on my face
when I was kissing him.
It just seems wrong.

"Why?" she asks
for the 50th time
though I haven't had an answer
for the last 49.
I fully suspect my pile of laundry
is on steroids.
How else to explain
its expedient growth?
We are both basket cases.
Har har.  
It just seems wrong.

Don't know what
to make for dinner
Not sure how to do
this well.
When you were little
didn't you think your parents
knew exactly what they
were doing?
Almost 5 years in
to this parenting gig and
I don't!
It just seems wrong.

But thank Heaven
God's power is made
perfect in weakness
and He hasn't left me alone
to bumble
and fumble
and crumble.
His grace is sufficient.

God will equip
with everything good
for doing his will
and may work
what is pleasing to him
through Jesus Christ
to whom be glory
for ever and ever
and who never fails
like me.

So I guess
that dirty
and confused
and weak
is just what it means
to be "Mommy" this week
and by the grace of God
it seems right after-all.

Also posted on Mama Thinks Funny.  My apologies if you see this twice!


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