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This Week

Something questionable
has been wiped on my sleeve
and there's a Cheerio mashed up
on the sole of my sock
though I mopped the floor
this morning.
My sweet baby spit
my own milk
back up on my face
when I was kissing him.
It just seems wrong.

"Why?" she asks
for the 50th time
though I haven't had an answer
for the last 49.
I fully suspect my pile of laundry
is on steroids.
How else to explain
its expedient growth?
We are both basket cases.
Har har.  
It just seems wrong.

Don't know what
to make for dinner
Not sure how to do
this well.
When you were little
didn't you think your parents
knew exactly what they
were doing?
Almost 5 years in
to this parenting gig and
I don't!
It just seems wrong.

But thank Heaven
God's power is made
perfect in weakness
and He hasn't left me alone
to bumble
and fumble
and crumble.
His grace is sufficient.

God will equip
with everything good
for doing his will
and may work
what is pleasing to him
through …

Broccoli Quiche with Potato Crust

Maybe if I were a better planner this wouldn't happen, but every few weeks or so I hit a meal idea wall.  Pasta?  Just had it.  Mexican?  There is salsa running through my veins.  Chinese?  Indian?  I don't wanna see another grain of rice for a while.  Or sometimes, that wall is brought on by sheer exhaustion and dinner becomes whatever I can get on the table with minimal physical and mental expenditure.  I'm sure you've had that kind of day.  Pancakes for dinner, anyone? 

I made this quiche on a day like that.  I felt bogged down after several days of either carb-heavy or meat-heavy or time-heavy meals.  I had eggs and broccoli sitting in the fridge and a few potatoes starting to get particularly spuddy and no time to make a pie crust.  Well, I thought, how about a crust made out of hash browns or home fries?

This obviously performs as well as a breakfast or brunch dish as it does as dinner fare.  I apologize for not having more exact measurements, but really, it'…

Snippet Monday

My apologies to those of you that just started following this blog recently.  I have not been updating very regularly! Back in my college days when Livejournal reigned supreme I blogged every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and often at the expense of other things I should have been schoolwork. Whoops! I vowed that wouldn't be the case when I began this blog, and I've been holding to that. But on this rare morning that the kitchen is clean, a load of laundry has been started, the little 'uns are playing happily together, and school has been completed for the day (and it's only 10 am), I have a moment to update.

I haven't written about our homeschool journey since last August when everything was plans and blank books, and here we are on the home stretch of our first year! I couldn't be happier with the materials we've had to work with this year and would highly recommend the A-B-C series from Rod & Staff.  They are such sweet littl…

Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

I have a confession.  I didn't make this cheesecake yesterday, or even this past week.  I made it a few years ago.  The reason that I am posting it today is because yesterday was Pi day (3-14).  Social  networks and blogosphere alike were abuzz with happy Pi-related revelry.  So all day I was assaulted with a nagging desire for pie or cake (which I like better than pie).  Or cheesecake, which is kind of like cakepie in my mind, because it has a crust and a semi-solid filling.  I would try to attempt to do something productive and my stomach would pipe up, "Hey, shouldn't you be making nummies?"  "No," I'd tell it.  "I'm teaching my child to read."  "BUT I WANT CAKEPIE NOM NOM!"  "NO! Eat a banana for crying out loud."   Later..."Caaaaaaaaake. Pieeeeeeee.  Waaaaaaaaaaaant."  "Stop it, I'm making a delicious pasta dinner which you will enjoy with nutritious salad."  "With sprinkles?!"  &…

Wednesday Wisdom: Stepping Heavenward

I just reread Stepping Heavenward this past weekend.  It is a fictional story, told mostly through journal entries, of one woman's sanctification over the course of several decades.  It's been "soul food" for me, full of Titus 2-type wisdom as that from an older woman in the faith.  The first time I read it,  I was fairly recently married.  I don't remember if I was expecting or had given birth to my daughter or not.  I know in my ignorance my view of Christ and my need for Him was smaller.  In any case, I found the book much more helpful, much more inspirational this time around.  I'd have it on a must read list for any Christian wife or mother.

It seems like there is no shortage of "conversational" Christian books right now, there are plenty of men and women telling their own stories, their own fumblings and what they've learned or think they've learned.  Some elevate personal feelings above Biblical truth, some elevate social justice abo…

Pasta Pie

Or, as I like to think of it, creamy saucy cheesy noodly deliciousness in a dish.  Good thing I wasn't in charge of naming it. 

I'm on the verge of needing a cookbook collection is currently packing 4 shelves.  I like to imagine that an intervention is how some of my favorite cookbooks ended up on thrift store shelves and made their way into my home.  The one this recipe comes from, aptly named Pasta, is a huge dictionary-sized volume with a note in the front cover; it was originally a gift.  It reads:
May you enjoy this book to create many wonderful moments together.  As you create your own special traditions together, may they be joyous and memorable.  I hope the ingredients in your life are always fresh, delicious, and savored with love.  Buon Appetito!! I'll take up that call. The book contains 350!! pasta recipes for all types of homemade and dried pastas and I've enjoyed reading about how different shapes and textures of pastas pair with differ…

Pretty Lemon Madeleines

If you have a daughter in the 4-8 age bracket, you can probably say it with me.

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.  They left the house at half past 9, in two straight lines in rain or shine.  The smallest one was Madeline

These pretty little cookies also hail from France, and as winter here drones on and on and on, it's nice to nibble one while imagining yourself at a sunny sidewalk cafe somewhere.  But I have to say it's also nice to share one in your warm and sunny kitchen with your daughter, who is perfectly delighted with the name of the treats, while feeling grateful for God's kind provision of your cozy home and time to make such things.

The recipe for these Lemon Glazed Madeleines comes from David Lebovitz, and I followed his directions to the letter. The result of my care to do as directed: the much sought-after "hump" on the back of the madeleines; a soft and delicate cakey texture; …