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The Fruits of Our Labors: Apples & Bucklebu

Goodbye summer, hello fall.  I didn't do a very good job documenting this year's garden, but the apples have really come into their own.  Hubby and kiddos picked all these from one of our two trees!

Over the weekend I finished up my latest sewing project, a Ruckbu/Bucklebu.  It's like a soft structured carrier, but without a waist strap.  I used the Sew Toot Barefoot Bucklebu pattern.  The one I made (toddler size) is too big for my little one right now--her arms should be above the top, so we'll be stashing it away for a while.  It was a fun project and great practice for making a full buckle, which is my next goal.  I found the rainbow tablecloth a number of months ago at a thrift store, so it was a cheap project too (in all but time, these always take me longer than I expect!).