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More Sewing: Curtains and Baby Carriers

I haven't forgotten about the recipe I promised, but I wanted to quickly share some completed sewing projects. 

We finally, FINALLY finished hanging curtains in our renovated family room.  I'm not sure why we can't get through a single home improvement project without ridiculous complications, but it seems to be the way of things with us.  This project went something like this:

- I ordered curtains, sheers, and a double rod in November.
- The curtains were back-ordered and took several extra weeks to arrive (this was not obvious up front).
- Once everything arrived, we took a curtain and a sheer out of the package and held them up on the rods, thus discovering that the grommet top curtains and grommet sheers whacked each other when moving back and forth.  No good.
- Returned the grommet top sheers, bought rod pocket sheers.
- Discovered that the rod pocket sheers now hung down below the grommet top curtains, being of different brand and different fixture. 
- Researched h…