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Family Room Redo and Homegrown Apples

If we had a home improvement blog, it would be called "The Reluctant Remodelers."  While we love having fresh, personalized spaces, we sort of hate the actual process and the way it disrupts life.  In words that would come back to haunt me many times, I convinced hubby to jump into this painting project over a three day weekend, thinking we'd get it all done before he returned to work the following Tuesday. Ha. (He knew better, but humored me.) A month later it is done, and we are pleased, and it is beautiful, but it ate us alive in the process with late nights that simulated having a newborn again and the angst of uniformed decisions that created more work as we were determined to do the thing right.

Anyway, everyone loves a good before and after, right?  I wish I had had the foresight to take better "before" pictures, but here's an idea of what we started with.  Poorly finished wood trim, and pinky beige on the walls--walls that had some pretty nasty text…