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Two Fun & Cheap Babywearing DIY Projects

I'm trying, as one friend put it, to make peace with my sewing machine.  I love the idea of being a competent seamstress, but my just-wing-it ways, which generally work out well for me in the kitchen, turn disastrous at the sewing machine.  Now, I recognize you have to learn the rules before you can break them--I tell people all the time that I learned to cook simply by doing it, a lot, and following good recipes.  From there I was able to branch out into experimentation. I'm hoping that with time the same will be true of sewing.

I started small, with two inexpensive, pretty, and useful little babywearing projects that just required a bit of hemming (straight lines are still a challenge for me :-p).  For material:  two thrift store tablecloths, 100% cotton, and less than $5 a piece. The blue one is an older Target brand tablecloth (Target all-cotton tablecloths are known to work well for babywearing projects) about 95" long, and the whitish one an unmarked jacquard weave,…