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Plants in the Garden Beds, Baby in Her Crib

Spring is melting into summer
(and we are melting too)
out my kitchen window
is a green expansive view.

Tiny plants are sprouting
good food to afford
planted by my husband
watched over by the Lord.

The perfume of the season
smell of blossoms on the air
beds bursting into color
bees buzzing here and there.

Dappled lighting from the maple
swaying in the breeze
kids come in with dirty hands
and very dirty knees.

And finally a baby
is sleeping in her room
of all the flowers in my life
she is the dearest bloom.

We are finally getting to enjoy our little lady on the outside.  Big brother and sister adore her, and much to my delight, she loves being wrapped. Sleeping has been a little rough, but after my easiest pregnancy yet and a super fast, natural delivery (my ideal scenario)--well, a girl can't have everything, I figure. :)

Blooming, Waiting, Wearing

I think I might be able to take the snow brush out of the minivan. 

As I'm waiting for new squishy baby snuggles with varying degrees of patience, I've been keeping busy with the expected things.  The deep freezer has a nice little stash of meals for when we come home from the hospital, our bags are ready, I have a great start on homeschool paperwork and curriculum choices for next year, and the laundry and dishes and general cleaning are under control. It remains to be seen whether the change is permanent, but at the moment I'm feeling like this pregnancy has really helped me be more disciplined about housework.  Not that I've arrived exactly, but improvement is encouraging, and it's nice to finally be at a place where I'm mainly doing proactive maintenance rather than reactively "putting out fires."  I keep telling myself, and daily life provides plenty of reminders--it's so much easier to form good habits than break bad ones. 

I am working wit…