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Good Friday

A prequel to last year's poem, Don't Look For Him Among the Graves.

Good Friday

“My God, My God,” His wretched cry, “Why have you forsaken me?” But no answer came to the man Suffering on Calvary. For the gruesome work had long been planned It was what He came to do And all that had now come to pass Proved the Scriptures true. Crushed He was, the Shepherd Good, For the sake of all His flock, He took our sins upon Himself Upon that cursed rock. Pierced in His hands and in His feet Blood flowing from His side Dark were hearts and dark the sky The hour my Savior died. He breathed His last, was taken away And in the rising gloom The bloody cross of Christ stood empty As soon would the tomb.

Isaiah 53 Matthew 27

Easy Butter Cookies for Absolutely Any Reason

After missing church for the second Sunday in a row due to self-imposed quarantine (colds, colds, colds), I was feeling the need for a cheerful little pick me up for myself and the kiddos.  We were already looking forward to our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and soda bread...

but we had the whole day until then with nothing particularly pressing to do.  We hadn't made cutouts this past Christmas, so I pulled out the easiest recipe I know for butter cookies.  More like shortbread than a traditional sugar cookie, the recipe has only three ingredients and makes just enough cookies to walk that fine line between "this is such a fun time" and "if I have to frost one more cookie I am going to scream and show you some unorthodox spatula skills." :) From our huge collection of cutters, the kids picked an assortment of seasonal, unseasonal, and silly shapes.  Personally, I'm always in the mood for a dinosaur co…

Chicken Pot Pie

First things first.  I am in the slough of despond over the fact that Google Reader is shutting down.  It feels a little bit like a break up.  It's always been there for me, you know?  I've moved over to Feedly because A) They promised a seamless transition from Reader and B) of all the sites I checked out based on the recommendations of CNET and LifeHacker, Feedly seemed best equipped to handle the influx of new users from Google.  Oh, and also C) it plays nice on both my desktop and my tablet, looking slick while still familiar. 

Next. Yesterday I bought a pair of used rollerblades and attempted them, in the house, at 30+ weeks pregnant.  I didn't die.  Skating and I do not have a good history; I have sprained something almost every single time I've tried.  It all started when I was 4, blissfully unaware of my own lack of skill, and sporting a shiny new pair of Fisher Price roller skates.  Well, I was out on our driveway, my mother ran inside for a second (I think t…

Chicken Fried Rice with Peanut Sauce

Fried rice takes a little planning ahead (unless you always have leftover cooked rice around), but once you have cooked, cooled rice, it comes together fairly quickly and makes a nice one-dish meal.  If you have some cooked chicken, pork, or beef leftover, it goes even faster. 

We are still working through this year's root vegetable jaw dropped open and I made a high pitched noise of disbelief when my husband brought these carrots and parsnips in a few weeks ago during a mucky thaw.  And as this is just a fraction of the carrots taking up precious real estate in my fridge these days, I've been working them into our meals whenever possible.  

I don't remember how or why I came to pair this peanut sauce with fried rice.  It comes from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, and she calls it satay dipping sauce and pairs it with a grilled lemon chicken.  The only way it resembles the Thai peanut satay sauces I'm familiar with is the underlying flavor…