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Here We Have No Lasting City

I read this article on the Gospel Coalition this morning and thought it was really good, and timely, with both Memorial Day and 4th of July around the corner:  First and Foremost Citizens of Heaven.  An excerpt:  

"We must not idolize our nation or forget the multinational character of the body of Christ. He has ransomed his church from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Rather than boast in our national pride, let us boast in Christ alone.

We should pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in other nations---even enemy states---as we remember Christians throughout history and even today who have stood against political regimes in order to be faithful to the gospel.

Finally, we should properly honor the men and women who have been killed in service to our country by keeping their service in perspective. We can commemorate their sacrifices made on our behalf without regarding their service as having "paid the ultimate price." The sacrifice of Jesus Chri…

Mother's Day Weekend: How Our Garden Grows & Peanut Butter Frosting

My son made sure to let me know I was appreciated this past weekend.  At 2, he is going through one doozy of a mommy phase....we are talking extreme separation anxiety.  I don't think the 2-year molars are helping any.  So yes, crying whenever I walked out of sight certainly communicated my importance.  I am thankful my husband and daughter took a different route.  Cards and hugs and dinner and selfless acts of help around the house are somewhat preferred to the kind of love that makes my clothing damp and boogery and my arms tired, but I am grateful for love in all these forms.  I'm a blessed woman.  :) 

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and my husband was busy all over the yard while I played with the kids and put finishing touches on some desserts (read on).  Some friends of ours from church have been inviting us to get raspberry plants from their yard for a few years now, but this was the first year the ground was prepared in time.  This is along the side of the house,…

May Again

On May 6th, 2010, a few days after my son was born, I wrote this poem:


When I am old and gray
I hope I can remember
A blue and perfect day in May
Sleeping baby on my shoulder.
He is tiny, precious, new
He is the best reminder
That all good gifts are sent by You
To me, unworthy, sinner.

Lord, I am so grateful
For all You’ve said and done
Your Word is full of promise
And You sent your only Son.
He died that I might recognize
Your greatness and Your worth
I can only love You
Because You loved me first.

These: my husband, daughter, son
Are signs of grace to me
Some of many that You’ve given
Such pictures of Your mercy.
I love them dearly, Lord, it’s true
And it drives me to my knees
For I find again that I must pray
I’d never love them more than You.

Years and years will pass away
As will my life and youth, and then
I’ll look back with gratitude
On May Two-thousand-ten.
In that moment,
Help me, Lord,
That I may worship never
These gifts and treasures I have known
More than the …