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Peanut Butter Pick-Me-Up Soft "Granola" Bars

Pinterest should really come with a warning: do not pin while hungry. It's really as bad as grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I've saved a huge number of recipes to try at some point, but when I pinned these yesterday, I really had to go straight to the kitchen.  I've talked about How Sweet It Is before. Its author, Jessica, is a genius in the kitchen. I resisted "celebrating" National Peanut Butter Day all day on Tuesday despite the deluge of tasty PB treats popping up on my feed reader. So yesterday my willpower was running a little low, these looked at least somewhat healthy (whole wheat? oats? no eggs, butter, or oil?), and I had everything I needed to throw them together. Snack time. :)

These bars are what you really want an energy or diet bar to be, what you might try to convince yourself something called "Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Fiber FatErase Bar" will taste like when you survey it in the store when what you're really cra…

White/Marbled Cake with Chocolate Truffle Buttercream

My dad's birthday falls within days of Christmas and we typically celebrate it on New Year's Day.  I was happy to accept the task of making his birthday dessert this year and asked him what he'd like; he requested a white/marbled cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.  I wanted it to be special and delicious because I think that generally people with birthdays near major holidays get the short end of the stick when it comes to celebrations. 

I must have analyzed a dozen recipes before settling on a white cake to make.  Two problems seemed to plague a great number of them--the cakes turned out too dry, or too dense.  White cake should be moist, light and airy, delicately flavored, and WHITE.  Reviews seemed unanimously favorable regarding the Cook's Illustrated White Layer Cake, so that's what I went with, cutting down on the sugar slightly.

I learned something about this cake though.  When I was assembling it everything seemed good, but the night of …

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream (GF/LF) & Peanut Butter Cookies (GF/LF)

We were blessed to ring in the new year in the company of some dear family friends.  There are a few food allergies in the family, so I was glad to be able to come up with a dessert that everyone could enjoy.  Coconut milk is so rich and creamy, and it keeps those qualities when frozen.  It makes a great dairy-free alternative ice cream for those with lactose intolerance or lactose sensitivities, or to end a meal on a slightly exotic note.  As an added bonus, all the ingredients of this ice cream can be kept in the pantry, which means it's easy to throw together anytime.  Make sure the bowl of your ice cream maker has had a good amount of time to chill out in the freezer before you run it though, 6-8 hours minimum...overnight is best.  The ice cream will be a nice soft-serve consistency at the end of the processing time, so it's great to eat right away.  It can be packed away and frozen, but it freezes like a GLACIER so it's best to allow some softening time on the counter…