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Cube Steak & Roasted Carrots

This post might make more sense if you imagine I have a sweet southern drawl instead of a Yankee thing going on in my nasal passages, because I'm about to flour some meat and get all gravy up in here and it's going to be delicious.

This here's a cube steak.  I bought it because Sam's was all out of dodecahedron steak, which is my preferred cut if I can get it.  Ok, actually I bought it because it was "something different" and I didn't have a dinner plan.  Don't be like me, sugar plums.  Meal plan!

This is seriously the easiest thing ever.   You buy it as part of a shopping trip carefully constructed around your premeditated meal plan.  You come home and look up "Cube Steak" on Wikipedia so you know what exactly it is that you're cooking.  That done satisfactorily, you take some flour and season it.  You slap your meat around in that.  You brown that meat and cover it with broth and onions.  And then you wait, take a turn about the yard an…

Thrifted Treasure Vol. 2 - Luxury Handbag for $19.99

It stood out to me from the typical thrift store assortment of bags, and as soon as my fingers touched the buttery surface yesterday, I knew it was real leather, and most likely the most high end bag I'd ever held.  I looked for a designer name.  B. Makowsky.  I recognized that name, though I'm not a bag connoisseur. Spending hundreds on a bag has always felt unjustifiable...I'm a housewife, and not a "Desperate" one; I just need something to hold my essentials and an occasional unglamorous diaper.  But the bag I held had no tacky logos covering its surface (looking at you, Coach), smelled like leather (and nothing else, thankfully), had my holy grail of pocket arrangements, included both shoulder straps and a cross-body strap, and was perfectly clean inside and out.  And the price?  $19.99.  I don't think anyone had ever used it. Inside I actually found one of the retail tags, and that settled it.  Whether this would be an eBay item or my new accessory, it …

Product Review: Boba Baby Carrier

It's been a little while since I've done a product review on here.  My aim in writing these sorts of reviews is to help other moms make educated buying choices about products that I've personally used and loved. Almost a year ago I wrote about another carrier, the Moby Wrap.  The Moby Wrap Original remains my favorite carrier for 0-6 months, but I wanted something with a little more support now that my son is older.  He isn't walking yet so there are still many times when a carrier is extremely handy.  I also love that a carrier brings a baby up almost to adult eye level, allowing them to experience more than kneecaps. When it is nice out, I walk over to the playground with my older child frequently.  The wood chip surface isn't very stroller friendly, and it's a pain to try to follow my daughter around while pushing it.   We have a framed backpack carrier that I've used previously, but after 15 minutes my shoulders and back would begin to scream complaints…

Apple Oat Pancakes

These are hearty pancakes.  Chuck Norris pancakes.  Navy Seal pancakes.  They're also the favorite food of my baby boy. Because, well, they are pancakes after all.

We had a brunch for my son's first birthday that started with a hefty stack these and two quiches, and ended with that Sugar-Free Banana Cake I posted a while back. The recipe is loosely adapted from one in the More-With-Less Cookbook and is endlessly versatile.  Don't have yogurt?  Use buttermilk, milk + 1 T. vinegar, or kefir.  Don't have oat flour?  Go ahead and use all whole wheat or AP, or even soy flour and wheat germ.

I know I should have my hand slapped for posting an apple recipe in May.  I'm sorry.  I really am.  You'll forgive me sometime in between pouring the batter on the griddle and licking the syrup off your plate.

Apple Oat Pancakes

Combine in a bowl and whisk together:
1 c. milk1 c. plain yogurt2 eggs4 T. oil1 tsp. cinnamon1/2 tsp. vanillaAdd and mix only until moistened:
1 c. AP flo…

Honey Almond Granola

My husband got me a copy of Baked: New Frontiers in Baking for Mother's Day.  Any time I see a cookbook referenced on the blogosphere as many times as that one has been, it gets added to my Amazon wishlist. I certainly didn't expect to have a copy of it in my hands so soon, and I can't wait to make something from it.  Sweet & Salty Cake, the famous "Baked" brownie, one of the decadent sounding bars, muffins, or'll be a tough choice for sure.  Leafing through its beautiful pages this morning, I landed on a pretty picture of granola, which happens to be something my husband has been requesting a new batch of for a while.  So I made some, not from the cookbook, but from our tried and true family recipe.  I hope you're looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, honey. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Honey Almond Granola

Dry Ingredients:

7 c. old fashioned oats1 c. dry milk powder1 c. whole wheat flour3/4 c. wheat germ1/2 c. corn meal 
Wet ingredients:

1 c…